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Garage Door Spring Replacement and Repair in Arlington

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If you need tips on what to do with broken garage door springs, you have come to the right place. Arlington, TX garage door spring solutions are proudly offered by our technicians. Take a look at these tips:

  • When one spring breaks or becomes damaged in any way due in part to age, change both springs out. If one fails, the other one is likely to be in the same condition soon. It’s better to just do the job in one go.

  • Reach out to an expert if a space can be seen in the torsion spring.

  • Don’t just ignore cracking springs or metal that is becoming worn. Don’t assume that lubrication will do the trick. Call a professional.

  • Don’t attempt to swap out torsion springs yourself. It’s a dangerous job!

Hire us when you need:

  • Spring conversion service

  • 25 Point Safety Inspection

  • Loose cable repair (cables can come off the drum if a spring breaks)

  • Extension spring replacement

  • Torsion spring replacement

  • Door rebalancing

  • And more!

We can be contacted for affordable garage door spring repair services in Arlington, Texas. When the garage door stops opening and closing with ease, the problem might be the springs. Let us come and have a look. We offer inspections to identify problems before they worsen and to make sure that everything is working properly.

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